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Expanding Watch Bracelets from

Replacement Watch Bracelets and Watch Bands

The well-known & popular, high quality, expanding watch bracelets from Rowi in Germany are available in HiTech Gold (an extra hard, good quality, scratch proof plating designed for a long life), or Stainless Steel, in assorted patterns and styles.

The sizes given are the actual width of the bracelet. The hook ends are approx 4mm wider so the band can be fitted to larger cases, or cut down to give an exact fit.

A very useful  bracelet to stock and our prices are very competitive, with a particularly good discount structure for quantity.
Prices and discount structure.

Fixo-Flex "S" Watch Bracelet

This is the best selling range of slimmer watch bracelets.
These are all supplied with hook ends and are available in assorted patterns

Fixo Flex S Size Colour Fixo Slim Watch bracelets
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take a closer look
WB854 8mm Stainless Steel
WB857Y 8mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB858 8mm Two Tone
WB861 12mm Stainless Steel
WB862Y 12mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB867 14mm Stainless Steel
WB868Y 14mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB833 16mm Stainless Steel SS
WB834Y 16mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB835 18mm Stainless Steel
WB836Y 18mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB837 18mm Two Tone
WB869 20mm Stainless Steel
WB870Y 20mm Hi-Tech Gold

Standard Fixo

This is the original slightly thicker Fixoflex watch bracelet;
There are two with ring ends in ladies sizes and the rest are supplied with hook ends and are available in assorted patterns

Standard Fixo Size Colour Fixo Standard watch bracelets
WB800 6mm Stainless Steel
WB804Y 6mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB808 8mm Stainless Steel
WB812Y 8mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB865 10mm Stainless Steel
WB866Y 10mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB867 14mm Stainless Steel
WB868Y 14mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB818 16mm Stainless Steel
WB819Y 16mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB820 18mm Stainless Steel
WB821 18mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB869 20mm Stainless Steel
WB870 20mm Hi-Tech Gold

Fixo-Flex 2000 watch bracelet

This is the ultra thin expanding bracelet, with hook ends, available in two sizes and Hi-Tech gold only.

Fixo 2000 Size Colour Fixoflex 2000 watch bracelet
WB2214 10mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB2216 18mm Hi-Tech Gold

Fletch watch band

Fletch is a good quality German band but at a more competitive price. It is supplied with hook ends.

Fletch Size Colour Fletch watch bracelets
WB2300 8mm Stainless Steel
WB2301 8mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB2302 10mm Stainless Steel
WB2303 10mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB2306 12mm Stainless Steel
WB2307 12mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB2308 16mm Stainless Steel
WB2309 16mm Hi-Tech Gold
WB2304 18mm Stainless Steel
WB2305 18mm Hi-Tech Gold


Call or fax for further details or a full colour leaflet with prices.

Other Watch Straps and Bands: 

A G Thomas's stock a wide range of genuine leather watch straps, our new resin & velcro watch straps and economical expanding bracelets, and a constantly updated range of centre clasp bracelets .

PRICES: Please contact us for the full list of current prices on these items. (email, phone and fax details below)

Discount structure:

  • Buy just 5 and we will give you a 10% discount

  • Buy 10 and there is a 20% discount, this month and every month.

This applies to the standard Fixo, Slim Fixo, Fixo2000, and Elasto Fixo . .  and we'll even include the Fletch (good quality at a competitive price) in this offer.


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