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Our popular catalogue has been extensively updated with many new lines added. It contains an wide range of quartz and mechanical movements, dials, bezels, hands, ornaments and restoration materials. These can be used by the repairer for repair and replacement, and by the manufacturer who makes clock cases from wood, crystal, china, metal, plastic, slate etc.

Wholesale Discounts 

The pricing structure gives good value for the repairer needing a few movements and for the manufacturer needing hundreds or thousands of Wholesale parts.

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Quartz Movements

Our standard quartz movements are high quality from a leading German manufacturer at a very competitive price.
  • Easy installation (uses single centre fixing nut) with dial centre hole of 10mm
  • Supplied complete with accessories (rubber washer, brass centre fixing nut, hand retaining nut, hanging bracket), solid hand nut available if centre seconds not required.
  • Hands can be set from front or rear.
  • With or without centre seconds.
  • Accurate timekeeping.
  • Two year guarantee.
  • Battery life (using Rayovac) approx. 1-2 years.
clock movement
Clock movement - diamensions
Case/Dial thickness:

As a general guide if you deduct 7mm from the spindle length it leaves the maximum case/ dial thickness that can be used. e.g.

17.2mm spindle, case/dial

10.2mm can be used.

Standard Quartz movement available in 3 spindle lengths.

M419 10.8mm

M420 17.2mm

M421 22.5mm

There are a variety of hands, dials and numerals available, depending upon the design of your clock. Send for your copy of this brochure for full details. Brochure request.

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